Phalen Leadership Academy

George and Veronica Phalen Leadership Academy (GVPLA) sits in the heart of Indianapolis. With a strong STEM curriculum, motivated students and staff, this charter school are committed to high academic expectations.  Since 2016 Vimme Learning’s part in this strong relationship is to provide a rigorous Math curriculum to GVPLA.  

Indianapolis Public School #88

Since 2014, Vimme Learning has maintained a wonderful partnership with Anna Brochhausen, Indianapolis Public School #88.  As one of our pilot schools, IPS # 88 has grown with Vimme.  2 out of the last 3 years, Anna Brochhausen students have shown the most growth in Math, among all of Indianapolis Public Schools, even magnet schools.  Bravo!

Selma Elementary

We recently launched for the 2018-19 school year Vimme Learning at Selma Elementary, a rural school 6 miles East of Muncie, Indiana.  Making the leap to a new Math curriculum or e-learning can be daunting. We get it. As a result, we did a soft launch at Selma Elementary, only grades 1st -3rd. A few weeks … more »

Monroe Central Elementary

Monroe Central Elementary had decided that they would switch to e-learning for the 2017-18 school year.  The staff at Monroe Central interviewed countless number of Math curriculum/software companies before they selected Vimme Learning.  The results are in! After one school year using Vimme Learning’s proven Math curriculum, Monroe Central now ranks 18th in Math out of 374 schools in Indiana.   Kudos to the hard-working teachers, administrators, and … more »

Fact Fluency with Multiplication Facts

I remember being promoted to fourth grade.  A summer assignment was handed to my parents, as I exited third grade, regarding my math education.  I was to return from summer break knowing my multiplication facts.   Mission accomplished. But, not so much any more. There were too many times I recall teaching fifth grade, when a … more »

Episode #1: Math is Brutally Sequential. What You Teach Matters!

Follow along, as we merge the two concepts of Shapes and Missing Addends.  Watch how the skills evolve across the grade levels.  WHAT YOU TEACH MATTERS!   When there are gaps in a students’ education, they become lost.  The concepts must build upon themselves like a Math Brick Wall.   #fill in the gaps     #buildthatwall    … more »
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