3 Things You Need to Know about IDOE + Indiana Academic Standards

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) has announced that they will evaluate Indiana’s Academic Standards as a result of House Enrollment Act (HEA) 1251 enacted during the 2022 legislative session.  The IDOE will spend the next few months exploring ways to reduce the Indiana Academic Standards.    Here’s a portion of HEA 1251:                                                … more »

Let’s Talk About Touch Math

Touch math is a method of teaching math that involves using physical movements, such as touching or tapping, to represent mathematical concepts and perform calculations. While it has been marketed as a way to help students with learning disabilities or difficulty with math, there is limited research on its effectiveness and some concerns about its … more »

The Powerful Role Second and Third Grade Teachers Play in Fraction Development

“A sample of 1,000 US Algebra # 1 teachers, most rated as “poor” their students’ knowledge of fractions and rated fractions as the second greatest impediment to their students mastering algebra (second only to “word problems)”.       Scientific American   By the time students leave elementary school many have missed out on gaining a deeper … more »

Math. Takes. Work.

Math Takes Work. Often people, who are proficient in math, are considered gifted.  As you dig deeper, you find those who are successful at Math are those who work the hardest .  Yes, Math takes work!    So how can teachers help students become harder workers in Math?    It starts with –       … more »

3 Ways to Effectively Set Up Your Vimme Learning Grade Book

  “Educators often put a grade in their grade books and never give it another thought. However, reflecting on their grade book process might help improve the way they assess and grade student work.”                                           … more »

Talk To Me, Databoards!

Every Friday morning, as my students entered my classroom they would quickly look at our Math Databoard.   Thursday was always the day my students took the cumulative math assessment.  Every week I’d say to them before the test, “Show me you are learning!”   And Friday mornings the data board would reflect what my … more »
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