3 Ways to Effectively Set Up Your Vimme Learning Grade Book

  “Educators often put a grade in their grade books and never give it another thought. However, reflecting on their grade book process might help improve the way they assess and grade student work.”                                           … more »

Talk To Me, Databoards!

Every Friday morning, as my students entered my classroom they would quickly look at our Math Databoard.   Thursday was always the day my students took the cumulative math assessment.  Every week I’d say to them before the test, “Show me you are learning!”   And Friday mornings the data board would reflect what my … more »

Ditch Your Math Textbook With Vimme Learning

Textbooks — love them or hate them, there’s no denying that they’re often the clunkiest part of the modern classroom. As the world around us becomes more and more digital, analog textbooks feel like a relic of the past, especially when digital solutions offer so much more convenience for your math class. Vimme Learning is a … more »

Real-Time Data For Your Math Class

For a subject that’s all about numbers, it’s surprising how many teachers are still stuck teaching math without a sophisticated way of collecting data on their students’ performance. Grading by hand is clunky, and most online curriculums don’t present your data in a way that’s easy to read — or to make it actionable for … more »

A Week With Vimme Learning

It’s been proven time and time again that children thrive when they’re given structure. The students in your math classroom are no different, which is why a predictable lesson plan week in and week out is so important for their academic success. As a math curriculum that was made by teachers for teachers, structured lesson … more »

How to Make Math Homework and Quizzes with Vimme Learning

Let’s face it, the homework and quizzes written by textbook companies don’t always do the trick. That one-size-fits-all approach to math assignments can’t possibly account for the unique needs of your classroom. Vimme Learning’s Assignment Builder is an ed tech tool that makes it easy to whip up customized homework, quizzes and exit tickets for your … more »
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