Vimme Learning is Getting Results

Measuring Achievement & Growth

Vimme Learning can help drive your school to similar results, as did this school in 2015 -16.

By making the change to Vimme Learning…

This school went from a “F” to a “B”
24% increase in Achievement
Averaged over 1.5+ years Growth
50% equates to one year’s growth and Trinity Lutheran reached 83%

The Two Highest Performing Schools in IPS on Growth Model were both Vimme Schools.

Vimme Learning Schools’ Results Speak for Themselves

  • Top 2 IPS Schools in Growth are using Vimme Learning
  • IPS averages 34% in Growth (50% = One Year of Growth)
  • IPS Vimme Learning Schools average 76% Growth
  • Vimme Learning Schools, Neighborhood Schools, outperformed Magnet Schools in Growth Model

The results speak for themselves

Vimme Learning allows you to see data in real-time so you always know where you students stand. What better way to evaluate achievement and growth than with e-learning software designed by teachers, for teachers? It’s truly mathematical!

Click the image to check out what Standard For Success is saying about Vimme Learning
vimme learning standard for success
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