Vimme Learning: Your Weekly Guide to Teaching Math

Time management in the classroom can be tricky, even for the most seasoned of math teachers. Keeping your class on track for the standardized test can feel like a far-off concern when you’re in the weeds day by day and week by week. As teachers, we know that our students thrive when there is a … more »

Challenge your math students at their own level

No matter how many years we spend teaching math, one thing never seems to add up: how can we help each student succeed, when each classroom represents dozens of different learning styles and abilities to master math skills? Joel R., a middle school math teacher, puts it succinctly: “I have kids who are counting on … more »

Put the “Me” in Vimme

Math curriculum can be frustratingly rigid, especially if you’re still using a textbook. There’s a wealth of ed tech available to us as teachers, but we’re often stuck using curriculum that feels like it was written without any teachers at the table. When your classroom is filled with students of all skill levels, a one-size-fits-all … more »

Students Today Learn Differently. Has Your Math Curriculum Kept Pace?

Just ask any veteran teacher, and they’ll tell you about the litany of changes they’ve seen in their classroom over the years— and that’s not even to mention the drastic changes that were put into place due to the pandemic. With all those changes comes a simple truth: that students today learn in a dramatically … more »

Vimme Learning — Your Weekly Guide to Teaching Math

Kids today don’t learn the same way we did when we were students. Attention spans are shorter, technology is more pervasive than ever, and the world we live in is much noisier than it was before we became teachers. It’s no wonder, then, that the techniques that helped us learn math — or, at least … more »
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