Are you an aspiring educator ramping up your Math expertise or maybe someone who enjoys collecting badges & swag?

…if so, becoming a Vimme Professor is a great way to showcase your savvy. Earning Vimme Professor Badges is easy. Just show expertise in 3 areas of the Vimme Learning app.

LEVEL 1: Quiz Creation

Real Time Data the key to intentional remediation, filling in gaps and building a strong Math foundation.
Create 5 Quizzes to Master Level One!

LEVEL 2: Mathbots

When a student masters math facts, new concepts are significantly easier. Plus, students find themselves better equipped and faster at solving math problems!
Reach Various Benchmarks to Master Level Two!
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LEVEL 3: Parent Portal

What better way to involve parents than by setting them up with a Vimme Learning Parent Account to access Real Time Data, Pacing Guides, Resources (videos, anchor charts, interactive notebooks, etc…) and so much more!
Sign up 5 Parent Accounts to Master Level Three!