vimme learning
Created by Teachers for Teachers
Developed by teachers, Vimme Learning offers a single e-learning solution for math education and assessment, including the fact fluency game, Mathbots, an e-workbook builder for quick homework or quiz development, pacing guides and more.
During her teaching career, Vimme Learning CEO Tammy Laughner spent countless hours creating homework assignments and quizzes, and she spent even more time grading them. This was not a unique problem for teachers. In 2008, Laughner was working on Project Restore, an initiative she co-developed to improve academics and culture in the Indianapolis Public School (IPS) system. It was here where she saw the potential of cumulative assessments and textbook-free education.

With the help of Tammy’s husband, Mark, an established business executive, and a number of IPS teachers with decades of collective classroom experience, Vimme Learning was developed to provide every component of math education for grades one through eight. Now Vimme Learning is able to provide schools, administrators, teachers, parents and students with the first all-encompassing, single solution for math e-learning.

Our Team


Tammy Laughner

Founder / CEO
I witnessed countless initiatives get passed down to my classroom for 25+ years. I watched first hand – what worked and what didn’t. Vimme Learning was created by teacher for teachers, and it works! Oh yeah, I created the 5th grade assessments.

Mark Laughner

Founder / COO
Mark (my hubby) provides the business foundation for Vimme Learning. With 40+ years working for Fortune 500 companies, his business acumen + my school content = great combination.


Karen Phelps

Teacher, 2nd Grade Content
A second grade teacher for years, Karen’s work is meticulous and guaranteed spot on. Plus, she provides us with our content editor–her son, Bryce, who saved us countless occasions during beta-testing.

Billy Fama

Teacher, 3rd Grade Content
Billy is the most efficient, concise person I know. A master teacher at the primary level, he is currently working with intermediate age children, as he continues to honehis craft.

Allison Ayers

Teacher, 4th Grade Content
Allison digests, memorizes, and uses data better than anyone. Her students benefit from this wealth of information. She walks into the classroom daily prepared to customize lessons for all her students’ needs.

Antonia Powell

Teacher, 6th Grade Content
A magical teacher, Antonia connects with her students on levels that bring out the best in every child. Her math content covers topics many of us haven’t thought about in years. Hertalent lies in making toughconcepts look simple.


Jeff Hertzler

Jeff created Vimme Learning’s software for today and the future. Technically, we wouldn’t be where we are without him. We will be eternally grateful for his patience with a group of non-techie teachers, who stumbled into software.

Casey Cordry

Creative Director
Casey sees things most of us never notice. His attention to detail and design keeps Vimme Learning simplified. A teacher’s dream, he is always looking for one less click. He is also the mastermind (along with the help of his son) behind Mathbots.

Josh Houchin

Video / Motion Graphics
Josh oversees anything requiring creativity and a camera lens. Just check out his clips of Professor U.Clid to better understand his amazing talent.