Put the “Me” in Vimme

Math curriculum can be frustratingly rigid, especially if you’re still using a textbook. There’s a wealth of ed tech available to us as teachers, but we’re often stuck using curriculum that feels like it was written without any teachers at the table.

When your classroom is filled with students of all skill levels, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it. In our experience, it takes a more personal approach to guide students toward true understanding and mastery. That’s why we built a curriculum that teachers can make their own.

Vimme Learning is a modern, online math curriculum that puts you in control of your classroom. Thanks to real-time data, Vimme lets you customize your review days and homework to the precise needs of your students. 

Here’s how Vimme empowers teachers to take the reins and personalize their approach to teaching math.

Your classroom, your data

Real-time data is at the heart of Vimme’s modern approach to teaching math. Each week your students will take an cumulative online assessment based on the skills they learned that week, as well as the skills taught in previous weeks. Those assessments are instantly graded, and provide the foundation for personalizing your math lessons.

Vimme gives you instant feedback on your students’ assessment grades as soon as they submit an answer. You can filter that data to see how each student fared on each question, or how they performed on a particular educational standard.

Your students will receive immediate feedback, so they understand their strengths and weaknesses in the topics they’ve learned throughout the semester. And as a teacher, you’ll have a clear idea of which topics you’ve explained successfully and which ones you’ll need to review more thoroughly.

Make the most of review days

When it’s time to put your real-time data to use, nowhere is it more important than on review day. Vimme makes it simple to see where to focus your review days with a color-coded system for academic standards.

“I’m not struggling to teach math anymore. When I see my red standards, I know I need to work on those.” — Amanda T., 3rd grade math teacher, Selma Elementary

You have the flexibility to review concepts with the class as a whole, or break students into groups based on the individual concepts they struggled with. And while Vimme provides a library of resources to help on review day, many teachers mix and match those resources with exercises and activities of their own.

“Vimme points my review days in the right direction, but it gives me the freedom to teach the curriculum however I want,” explains Kristi B., a 5th grade math teacher. Kristi leans on Vimme’s instructional videos and interactive notebooks to help her students review tricky standards, and has also implemented her own activities and leader boards to keep her students engaged.

Personalize your homework

Another way to implement your classroom’s Vimme data is to personalize your homework assignments. Vimme includes a robust homework builder tool that lets you target the areas your class is struggling with. You can use Vimme’s 8,000+ pre-written questions, or start from scratch — whatever you know will help your students the most.

“Vimme lets me personalize the homework I give my kids,” says Joel R., a 5-8th grade math teacher. “Calculations work better in some classes, while others benefit from story problems. I can steer Vimme where it will do the most good.”

No matter how you put Vimme’s data to use, your classroom will benefit from personalized lessons tailored to the needs of your students — and your students alone. If you’re still stuck with a cookie cutter math curriculum, it’s time for a change. Take Vimme for a spin for six weeks and see how it can fit into your classroom.