Vimme Learning — Your Weekly Guide to Teaching Math

Kids today don’t learn the same way we did when we were students. Attention spans are shorter, technology is more pervasive than ever, and the world we live in is much noisier than it was before we became teachers.

It’s no wonder, then, that the techniques that helped us learn math — or, at least scrape by — don’t work in a modern classroom. Many students today aren’t learning the math skills that will set them up for success later in their academic careers.

As a teacher, how do you address those skill gaps while forging ahead into new concepts? That was the challenge that Tammy Laughner faced during her 25+ years of teaching. And what she learned became the inspiration for a more effective way of teaching math.

Vimme Learning is an online math curriculum that emphasizes application, not memorization. Through spiral review, Vimme continues to incorporate the skills that other programs leave behind. The cumulative curriculum is based on ILEARN standards, so your kids will understand — and be able to apply — the skills they need to succeed on the standardized test and in life.

Spiral review for true comprehension

Math is brutally sequential. If a student doesn’t truly grasp a concept during week one, they might not see it again until the final exam. Even as they progress through grade levels, they may never have an opportunity to learn that concept to the point where they can truly apply it.

Vimme is built on the principle of spiral review and true comprehension of fundamental math skills. The concepts you’ll teach in week one of your class will continue to show up in weeks two, three and beyond

 — so the student who needs extra help has a chance to catch up, and others will be challenged to apply those concepts on a regular basis.

Challenge your kids where they are

No matter what grade 

we teach, students come to us at skill levels that are across the board. In the same class you may have students who are achieving above their grade level, and others who are still counting on their fingers.

Now, you can push students to find success at their skill level, all 

with the same curriculum. Our coursework and tests are designed to hammer home foundational skills, while also challenging students to go above and beyond in applying those skills. The result is a rigorous program that encourages and celebrates growth at all levels.

Real-time data on each student’s performance

With kids coming into your classroom at all different skill levels, it’s more important than ever to know exactly where each student stands in their math abilities. Vimme automatically grades tests as your students are taking them, so you’ll get real-time data on each individual student’s performance.

With that data, you can easily see the students who may need additional attention, as well as concepts the whole class may need a refresher on. It’s a great way to make the most of review days, and pinpoint your instruction to the areas where it’s needed most.

Put the “me” in Vimme

Vimme’s pacing guides help you stay on schedule for your day, your week and your semester. But we like to think of them as guard rails — not gospel. You have the freedom and flexibility to personalize your lessons as you see fit.

You can use our homework and quiz generator to tailor your coursework, and use Vimme’s robust library of resources to supplement your lesson. Or you can use games, videos and worksheets you’ve always used. However you choose to teach, the pacing guide will keep you on track toward the end of the semester.

Vimme Learning is a modern approach to teaching math, and it’s helping students find success in schools large and small across Indiana. Try out a free 6-week trial, and give your students the best start possible.