A proven approach to online math curriculum, K through pre-algebra

If there’s one truth every semester, it’s that students will enter your class with widely varying levels of math ability. How, as a teacher, can you help gifted and struggling students alike in a single period?

After decades in the classroom, we came to the answer. And we’d love to show you our work.

Vimme learning is an online math curriculum made by teachers for teachers. Based on academic standards and grounded in rigorous, spiral review, Vimme gives teachers the data they need to help their students learn, retain and apply the skills they need to succeed on the standardized test and in life.

What makes a math curriculum successful?

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One path to math mastery

Mental stamina comes from rigor — not rote memorization. Vimme is built on the concept of spiral review, where skills are cumulatively repeated week after week. Spiral review gives students more opportunities to practice, apply and master each skill they’re taught.

With spiral review and cumulative curriculum, Vimme’s method of teaching math benefits students of all ability levels. With the same quizzes, coursework and homework, you can challenge your math whizzes while helping your struggling students hammer home fundamental concepts.

And we’d love to show you our work.

Increased mental stamina
Stronger retention skills
Elevated interest in learning
Exposure to naturally infused rigor

The foundation for success in your math classroom

As a modern math curriculum, Vimme gives you the support you need to feel empowered in your classroom.

Real-time Reporting

Pinpoint and remediate problem areas by tracking students’ progress on coursework

Pacing Guides

Our rigorous pacing guides keep your class on track for math success

E-Workbook Builder

Quickly create quizzes and homework assignments from a bank of more than 8,000 questions

Resource Library

Access a robust library of worksheets and activities to supplement your lesson plan


Make math skill mastery fun with Mathbots, a fact fluency game

Vimme has improved standardized test scores in large, urban districts and small, rural ones. We’re confident we can do the same in your school.

Don’t Believe Us? Ask Our Teachers

“Vimme pinpoints exactly where you need to go with your instruction. The spiral review keeps touching on things over and over again. If they struggle on week 1, they won’t struggle on week 6.”
— Amanda Thrasher, 3rd grade math teacher, Selma Elementary School
“Vimme is a program that allows me to push each kid where they’re at, at the same time. I see the lower-achieving kids have success, and at the same time using the exact same program I see my high-achieving kids challenged. Vimme gives my math class structure, but I can steer it depending on where my students need extra help.”
— Joel Rolf, 5-8th grade math teacher, Trinity Lutheran School
“Students who don’t understand the sequence of math don’t truly understand math. This is why the basic building blocks are important. As you get higher in Vimme Learning, you have those skills beneath you. Foundational skills are taught at the beginning in Vimme Learning, but not set aside.”
— Katie Driver, 2nd grade math teacher, Selma Elementary School
“Vimme is a program that gives you the freedom to teach math the way your kids need it and understand it, but still gives you a pacing guide and interactive notebooks to follow along. It correlates to the standards, there’s a lot of references and videos, plus you can build your own quizzes and homework. There’s so much!”
— Kristi Bowen, 5th Grade Teacher, Selma Elementary, Selma, IN
“I love it because it keeps me on a schedule every week, daily pretty much. It gives a plan throughout the year. Weekly tests give a report showing what kids are struggling with. NO MORE GUESSING. It keeps hitting on week 2 stuff on week 16. We made huge strides in our ILEARN scores!”
— Kyle Deboy, 6th grade math teacher, Monroe Central Elementary
“Vimme says where to start, what to do next and next. Every single week builds on itself. Homework assignments all have cumulative (laddering) questions. If there are holes in a child’s math, you’re gonna find it because it keeps popping up. The analytics point that out. You don’t get that with paper/pencil math textbooks.”
— Scott Beringer 5th – 8th Grade Math Teacher, Emmaus Lutheran, Indianapolis, IN
“The pace combined with the rigorous curriculum has been organized in a way to push our students, but does not leave them behind.”
— Vimme School Superintendent

Accolades and Affiliations

Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) approved Formative Assessment Vendor (2015-2016 and 2016-2017 School Years)
TechPoint Mira Award nominee, for Educational Technology 2015 and  Tammy Laughner for Tech Educator of the Year 2016
Vimme Learning has been recognized as a partner in the turn around of failing elementary schools.