A Strong Foundation In Math Can Start At Any Grade

We teachers know that the foundations of a successful academic career start at an early age. The sooner we can start our students on the right foot with complicated subjects like math, the better equipped they will be to succeed on the standardized test and in later grades.

But if you teach a later grade level, you might not feel like you can reverse bad math habits or teach skills that should have been picked up long ago. Thankfully, we’ve found that’s far from the truth.

Vimme Learning is a modern math curriculum that helps students find solid footing in math, no matter what grade level they’re at. There’s no magic equation — just a consistent, predictable framework your students can rely on as they advance through your class and through grade levels.

A Strong Start With Math

“To be successful math students in the future, our students need a strong foundation in basic math skills. You have to become literate in math just like you do in reading. Without those building blocks beneath you, it’s an uphill battle as you move through grade levels.”

Those wise words come to us from 2nd grade teacher Katie D. With Vimme Learning, Katie gives her students the building blocks they’ll need to build that strong foundation for math success — and you can, too.

As students progress through grades, they’ll rest comfortably on Vimme’s framework of math vocabulary, critical thinking skills and rigor.


Think back to your own academic career, and you’ll probably remember the first time you got tripped up with math vocabulary. If you studied “lowest common divisors,” a chill must have gone down your spine when a test asked you to work with “least common multiples” instead. 

It’s time to leave the vocabulary problems for English class. From the very first lesson in kindergarten all the way through pre-algebra, Vimme teaches topics using consistent vocabulary — the very same terms that show up on the standardized test. As students enter later grades, classrooms are filled with more and more kids who “speak math” on equal footing.

Just take it from Kristi B., a 5th grade teacher: “When my school adopted Vimme, it changed my life tremendously. For the first time in my career, the kids coming into my classroom all spoke the same math vocabulary.” 

Critical Thinking

We all know that math can be frustratingly linear. There’s often a single correct path to solving an equation, and it can be awfully disheartening if a student can’t seem to find that path forward. Fortunately, with a little critical thinking, students can often find their way back on track.

With anchor charts, interactive notebooks and other resources, Vimme doesn’t just teach math — it teaches students of all ages how to approach math from an angle that makes sense to them. These resources are available for every single lesson, from K through algebra, so students always have the tools they need to blaze their own trail toward success.

For 3rd grade teacher Amanda T., watching that journey is a real treat: “If a student is struggling with a skill during week 1, they won’t struggle with it by week 6. Vimme gives them everything they need to think their way around the problem, right on their tablet.  It’s been a real game-changer in my classroom.”


Perhaps more than any other school subject, math requires students to buckle down and apply themselves. As attention spans get shorter and distractions get more prevalent, it’s more important than ever that we teach our youngest students to focus and stick with the work at hand.

Rigor is an essential part of Vimme’s DNA. From an early age, Vimme’s curriculum asks students to push themselves week in and week out, so they enter later grades with clear minds and a can-do attitude. We know you’ll be proud of what your class can accomplish by the end of the semester.

As a 5-8th grade teacher, Scott B. has watched firsthand as Vimme pushes his students to new heights. “In the first year, it’s hard for them to focus for an hour at a time. But by the second and third year, they rise to the challenge — and they’re excited by it. You’ll see the culture of your class change as your students pick up the mental focus to stick with math.”

The Cumulative Effect

Whether you’re teaching pre-teens or kids fresh out of preschool, you have the power to contribute to their strong foundation in math. Kyle D. is a 6th grade teacher who’s seen the difference Vimme can make in just a few years at his school:

“Before Vimme, I would get kids coming into my classroom who only excelled in one area of math. Now it’s a lot more diverse. Even if they aren’t perfect at it, they’re more competent in every area of math across the board. And it just gets better every year.”

Try Vimme’s free six-week trial, and you’ll start to see the building blocks come together. We’re excited to see what a difference it can make in your classroom.