Empowering Parents For Their Student’s Math Success

Today, math classes are a tech-driven, interconnected world. Many of us math teachers conduct our lessons at least partially online, with instant feedback on our class’s performance. Our students, too, have access to their lessons, coursework and grades on their school-provided and personal devices.

But outside of the classroom, things don’t always feel so connected. Too often, our students’ parents feel left out of the equation, unclear about how their kids are performing or even how to help with their math homework.

Vimme Learning takes the mystery out of math class for your students’ parents. As a modern, online curriculum, Vimme empowers parents to become more informed about what’s going on in the classroom, and what they can do to support their student.


Vimme’s Parent Portal


Vimme’s welcome letter is available in both English and Spanish, and helps parents easily set up their account.


Vimme Learning is a data-driven approach to math curriculum. Teachers and students can log in to not only conduct class each day, but to see historical data on performance in the classroom. Beyond just showing a letter and percentage grade, Vimme shows insight into how students are mastering specific skills that will show up on the standardized test.

Vimme’s parent portal is no different — it gives your students’ parents 24/7 access to all of the rich data that powers your classroom. In just a couple clicks, parents can see how their students are doing on their math homework, in-class assessments and even fact fluency games.

It used to be that parents had to wait for report cards to arrive before they truly knew how their child was performing in class. Now, they can get real-time updates at any time and on any device.

Hands-On With The Parent Portal

Parents can see each of their students’ grades in an easy-to-read, color-coded chart.


“I have a lot of parents who want to be very connected — but unless I make it incredibly easy for them to access their student’s data, they won’t do it.”

That was the dilemma for Katie D., a 2nd grade math teacher at a small, rural school in Central Indiana. Like many of our peers in larger, urban districts, Katie had more and more parents who wanted a finger on the pulse of their child’s math performance. But bridging the gap between the classroom and home was an uphill battle.

“In my experience, parents don’t want to take more than a step or two to see their child’s performance. Thankfully, that’s where Vimme’s parent portal really shines.”

In just a single step, parents can sign in to Vimme and see their child’s data at a glance. Vimme automatically grades assessments, so there’s no chance for human error in grading. It gives Katie peace of mind that her gradebook is 100% accurate, and cuts back on calls from parents questioning their student’s grade.

With a robust library of resources for each grade level and each week, parents can feel confident in helping their student from home.


Vimme’s parent portal is also catered toward parents who want to get more hands-on in their child’s curriculum. If they want a deep dive, parents have the power to go through their child’s graded assessment question by question, and even see which academic standards their student is struggling with.

“My students’ parents know that Vimme is an indicator for our state assessment,” Katie explains. “It helps them understand where their child has achieved mastery, and where they might need some extra help in preparation for the standardized test.”

Ultimately, the portal is about giving parents the data and tools they need to help their child succeed at math. Since Vimme operates without a traditional textbook, it offers a vast library of resources to supplement coursework. Everything a parent needs to support their child on a math homework assignment or in preparing for a test is easily accessible online — especially helpful for the parents of textbook forgetters!


Anchor charts, videos and interactive notebooks help parents grasp the concepts their students are learning in class.


With Vimme Learning, parents are finally brought into the fold for their student’s math performance. Real-time data coupled with robust online resources give your students’ parents an unparalleled understanding of what’s going on in your classroom, and empowers them to become an advocate for their child’s success.

If you haven’t given Vimme Learning a try yet, we’d love to get you on board. You can start a six-week free trial to see how it works in your classroom. You’ll get six weeks worth of pacing guides, cumulative assessments for spiral review and other resources to make your math class more data-driven. Give Vimme a try today.