Teachers and Software

Welcome to Vimme Learning!

Who is better at understanding how elementary school children learn, than dedicated elementary school teachers?  Vimme Learning was created by teachers for teachers. Our team consists of experts at every grade level, 2nd -6th.

We started by creating logical pacing guides, the heart and road map for our Vimme Learning teachers.  Next, we designed 30 weekly cumulative assessments aligned and tied directly to the pacing guides.  These assessments allowed our teachers to immediately see which students needed help with what skills on a “real time” weekly basis.

We were able to determine that our students were gaining a deep understanding of the math concepts. Yet, mastery of math facts was still not strong.  So, using the data available, we corrected this problem .  We created Mathbots, a fact fluency gaming system, that uniquely delivers and reinforces the content.

While we continue to evolve, our goals remain the same…find additional ways to improve Math education for our children and help to teachers.