Mathbots, a Fact Fluency Gaming System, and Our Coaches

A major component to an effective Math curriculum is mastery and fluency of Math facts.  Many teachers find this work time consuming.  It becomes an endless cycle of running off timed tests, administering, grading, etc… with little time to work on what is important…mastery.  Or, you purchase a licensing agreement for a fact fluency gaming system.   At Vimme Learning, we believe there must be key components for a gaming system to work. Hooking a child on a game is easy; teaching them their math facts is another story.

Vimme Learning’s  pedogogy is based upon several key components to achieve mastery:

  1.  The content roll out is logical. It  allows students to use logic to build upon the last used skill.             For example, teaching the Ten Rule is quite simple.   10 + 7 = 17         10 + 3 = 13          Children quickly see the patterns.  We next cover adding with nines and link it to what they learned with the Ten Rule.  If you know 10 + 7 = 17; then, 9+ 7 = 16  (one less, because 9 is 1 less than 10).  For multiplication, we find memorizing your 2s, 3s, 4s, etc…. too time consuming.  Learning your multiplication facts should be quick and in chunks.  Start with your doubles (8×8), then learn four more facts (tough ones), etc….
  2. Tutorials are critical.  As teachers we’ve witnessed first hand the power of peer tutoring.  VIMME has integrated the concept of peer tutoring into our design.  Each level of Mathbots has a link to a video (shown above), narrated by the team of students (we call coaches), who share tricks to assist students in fact fluency mastery.

With the addition of Mathbots to Vimme Learning, we believe we provide a complete Math curriculum to build a strong Math foundation.